Accenture drives growth through its Innovation Architecture

Accenture is putting innovation at the core of its business model and has declared “to lead with (applied) innovation in everything we do”. This is manifested in the launch of the Accenture Innovation Architecture, which consists of six parts, namely:

  • Accenture Research: research to identify and anticipate industry and technology trends
  • Accenture Ventures: partnerships with start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, academic and corporate R&D groups
  • Accenture Labs: applied R&D initiatives
  • Accenture Studios: development and prototyping of solutions/applications and design/creation of digital services
  • Accenture Innovation Centers: building and scaling of industry solutions
  • Accenture Delivery Centers: industrialized delivery of solutions

A showcase of this Innovation Architecture is its new facility in Dublin, Ireland, which I had a chance of visiting (and experiencing) some weeks ago. In 'The Dock', the company’s multi-disciplinary research and incubation hub, five of the above-listed Innovation Architecture parts come together within one location. It was officially opened in February 2017 and currently houses more than 250 professionals from multiple countries, who co-create new services and solutions together with clients and partners. The focus of the various innovation initiatives is clearly on finding solutions to real-life client issues.

Accenture's industry-led approach, driven by strong industry know-how and industry-specific technology developments/deployments, takes center stage here as well.

Given the major disruptions through digital technologies, especially in key sectors such as telecoms, retail or banking, it is not surprising that Accenture sees great demand from clients to work on innovation initiatives in this framework.

With this strong focus on innovation, combined with its end-to-end consulting and services approach, its technology portfolio and comprehensive industry know-how, Accenture is a clear leader in the IT services (and management consulting) market – and is considered by many of its peers as the benchmark and model for the industry.

With its ongoing strong growth - increasingly fueled by a large number of smaller, targeted acquisitions - the only real challenge we currently see for Accenture is to remain sufficiently flexible and agile so as to be able to respond to changing client requirements.

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