Arismore gobbled up by Accenture. Consolidation continues in the Security market.

Arismore gobbled up by Accenture. Consolidation continues in the Security market.


Yesterday night, Accenture Security announced the acquisition of Arismore, a leading IAM (Identity & Access Mangement) integrator in the French market, for an undisclosed amount.

With 270 employees and an approximate turnover of €40M, Arismore is a leading IAM and IT transformation integrator in France. The 15 years old company has led some of the largest identity projects in this market. Lately it has been very involved in large-scale customer identity and OIT initiatives for Groupe Peugeot (connected vehicle) or Enedis (electric metering).

But Arismore is also the owner and the operator of Memority, an IDAAS (Identity as a Service) provider launched in the French market since 2014, with approximately 15 rather large customers such as Total, Valeo, or INA (national TV archives). With a rich feature-set and a modular architecture, Memority aims at covering 90% of Identity Access Management and Governance needs in a packaged solution. It is positioned between entry-level identity management platforms (OKTA, Azure) and adhoc managed IAM services (based on Open AM, Forgerock, Ping, Oracle, CA , etc…). Memority itself is built on  Open AM and CA technologies, and it is tightly integrated with third-party point solutions such as InWebo (strong authentication), or Brainwave (identity analytics and governance).

Why this move?

In the last 2 years IAM has emerged as a critical component not only of security,  but as a key enabler of the digital transformation, in an increasingly regulated context. Arismore management has been looking for a way forward since the middle of last year, in order to break out of France and support large international customers. Meanwhile, large global players such has Accenture are gearing up quickly to provide a full Cyber Security range of managed services. Arismore Services will be part of the Accenture Security practice, while Memority will become a key component of Velocity, Accenture’s global identity managed services platform.

This acquisition reflects the accelerated consolidation of the IAM market in Europe. For instance, Everett, the Dutch IAM integrator, very similar to Arismore, rejoined PWC last summer. Mid-size IAM specialists in every country are prime targets for the larger ITS players.

Consolidation is also likely on the IDAAS side. I will be increasingly difficult for the few mostly still local independent players to face competition from huge market-makers which are operating identity as a key enabler of their platform strategy (MSFT, SFDC, IBM, AMZ) , or from global ITS behemoths which have started to build it within their portofolio (for instance CapGemini).