Objectives of the report:

  • To provide insights into the way in which the big four application platform providers – Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft – support the digital agenda, and to present PAC’s opinion
  • To evaluate the ways in which the big four cover the key digital aspects: IoT, the digital customer experience, the digital workspace and supporting technologies
  • To enable user companies that work with one or more of these platforms to better understand how well the respective vendor fits into their individual digital roadmap
  • To enable IT service providers that partner with one or more of these vendors to assess how relevant the respective portfolio is for the delivery of IT services around digital transformation.



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations


Digital Business Innovation – Evaluation of the Big Four

The Digital Customer Experience

The Digital Workspace

The Internet of Things

Supporting Technologies

Closing Comments