PAC evaluates the providers of C&SI (consulting and systems integration) for IoT solutions in Europe in five different PAC INNOVATION RADARs, which are each dedicated to a specific segment. These segments are: connected vehicles, digital factory, smart energy & resources, smart retail & CPG, and smart transport.

A variety of use cases are allocated to each of these five contexts, and the market of the PAC INNOVATION RADAR is viewed from the perspective of these use cases.

The providers are positioned in the PAC INNOVATION RADAR analyses depending on their market relevance and evaluated by: strategy, portfolio breadth, go-to-market, portfolio quality, market positioning, client relationships as well as the focus and the number of references for each context.


The PAC RADAR is an effective tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading IT providers within a defined service segment on a local market.

The PAC INNOVATION RADAR positions providers in rather new and innovative service segments. Thus the focus of the evaluation is on the portfolio, vision, investment and capabilities rather than on existing references, projects and resources.


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