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Enterprises today are faced with three key challenges:

  • Implementing new SMAC technologies to support the business, as part of their digital transformation programs, but while keeping it secure;
  • Responding to the increasing and changing threat landscape of targeted attacks;
  • Achieving and retaining compliance with an increasing number of rules and regulations.

How do enterprises respond, in the context of a nationwide shortage in cyber security skills? Our hypothesis for this study was that enterprises are struggling to cope with the increase in workload, and are increasingly offloading (some of) their security provision to outsourcing providers as Managed Security Services (MSS). We surveyed 230 decision makers in large companies (1000+ employees) in the UK, to understand their motivations and drivers with regard to cyber security provision.

This study deals with the following questions:

  • What do companies understand about the growing cyber threat landscape?
  • How are companies meeting their resource challenges in cyber security?
  • How are they using external providers to meet resource challenges?
  • What are the drivers and inhibitors for using external cyber security providers?
  • What alternative approaches to external cyber security provision being considered?
  • Which services do companies expect from a cyber security provider?
  • What are the capabilities and attributes of a credible cyber security provider?

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