Fintech is a well-known phenomenon in the banking sector. It resulted from the growing need of banking customers for every-day finance solutions that were cheaper, more agile and user-friendly. And while on the one hand, traditional banks were responding by digitalizing their banking services, the so-called fintech companies or fintechs emerged. These start-ups chose to combine technology with a certain banking process by using a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, requiring little or no infrastructure and being mostly based on a SaaS model. The initial demand for those services came from consumers like you and me, who were unhappy with the status quo of their banking services. The fintech phenomenon thus has its roots in retail banking, and many relevant and in-depth reports have been published on this subject.

In this report, we will focus on a lesser-known area, i.e. fintech in the corporate and investment banking domain (CIB).




Executive summary

Corporate finance and fintech – what is going on?

  • Fintech – a better life for corporate finance professionals?

And what about investment banking?

  • Fintech and CIB – a mismatched pair?

Fintech in CIB – which role to play for IT service providers?

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