How artificial intelligence can innovate the client acquisition process

How artificial intelligence can innovate the client acquisition process

Today, sales and marketing teams are faced with new challenges: consumers, although constantly connected, are becoming harder and harder to reach as messages get lost in a plethora of media and notifications. The superficial personalization of automated messages is no longer enough to stand out in consumer inboxes.

In our recent Expert View, Elena Ndrepepa, Frank Niemann and I discuss how artificial intelligence is being integrated into client acquisition processes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined by PAC as the combined use of algorithms, knowledge bases (big data sets) and neural networks/deep learning techniques to mimic and complement human abilities in a variety of domains. For marketers and sales teams, AI applied to client acquisition is becoming increasingly popular. AI-assisted systems help marketers guide clients along their customer journeys and even generate tailor-made journeys for individual clients.

Marketers are now seeing the benefits of AI applications ranging from the establishment of new lead generation processes to customer data analysis. In a recent multi-client study conducted by PAC, “What artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to business applications”, we found that companies are becoming more and more aware of how AI can assist them in the resolution of the most significant challenges facing their sales and marketing teams. Most of these companies are looking for meaningful ways to interact with their customers and keep the conversation going, but also wondering about how new technologies can be leveraged in a way to enhance current teams and stay ahead of the competition.

In our Expert View, we discuss five areas of AI’s integration into the client acquisition process:

  • Lead Generation
    Integrating AI into CRM systems and sales platforms for lead generation and qualification.
  • Enhancing Product Recommendations
    Deciphering data and patterns to anticipate behavior and create the best offering.
  • Hyper-Personalization
    Using AI to build customer profiles for the purpose of amplifying traditional strategies and generating intelligent content.
  • Customer Interaction
    Utilizing AI-assisted virtual assistants and chatbots to solve queries and provide guidance throughout basic transactions.
  • Acquisition
    Understanding not only how and when customers interact with campaigns, but why they do so.


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