Objectives of the report:

  • Explain Brexit and its expected consequences
  • Highlight major impacts to cloud service providers and users
  • Suggest strategies to mitigate potential negative consequences of Brexit



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management Summary
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations

Background And Context

  • What is Brexit?
  • Is Brexit a Certainty?

Macroeconomic Impacts

  • Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Strategic Relocations

IT Market Impacts

  • Specific Vulnerability of IT sector
  • Startups and Venture Capital
  • Platform Investments

Staffing Impacts

  • Post-Brexit Skills Gap

Supply Chain Impacts

  • Equipment
  • Energy

Data Flow, Privacy and Location Impacts

  • Cross-Border Data Flows
  • General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”)
  • Data Location and Cultural Bias Effects

Beyond Brexit