Interview with Peter Leav, BMC's CEO

There is a new BMC in town, according to Peter Leav, the new CEO of BMC.

BMC has invited its most important French clients to a Paris executive summit. I co-presented on multi-cloud at this event with their new CEO, Peter Leav. Prior to the event, we had a meeting to align our views. Here is a summary of this interview and of my analysis of it.

First of all, for me, even if they were associated with the CMDB, BMC was a legacy company that had already existed when I started in the IT industry 20 years ago. My first contact with Peter Leav, a dynamic and charismatic leader, changed this view. We started the discussion around my vision of IT, and we happened to share the same vision. 
IT is increasingly complex and heterogeneous; to profit from the potential of digital infrastructures (the cloud), you need visibility of your assets, an holistic approach, and control over your IT. These 3 aspects have to be enforced at all levels of your IT, from network to business, and across all platforms from mainframe to mobile cloud applications. Why? Because in the digital world, there are no more silos, processes and data flows between platforms, and to have a business view of their impact you have to be able to control them wherever they are. If you are not able to do this, you lose all the advantages of cloud platforms. You have to be multi-cloud and multi-IT-system-enabled, and of course you should not forget about security, a topic that needs efficient IT management.

In the afternoon, when we shared this mutual vision with BMC’s clients, we knew that we were well aligned with the market. The clients are very diverse, ranging from nearly full-cloud multinationals such as Veolia to legacy heavyweight companies such as BNP Paribas, including several mid-sized companies that are just starting their digital infrastructure transformation. They all share this need for an holistic approach combined with full visibility, security and, of course, an IT management platform. 

To meet this demand with its current products, BMC has almost organically developed its cloud offers, which provide insight, management and cost evaluation for most of the legacy and private cloud systems, but also, and this is quite remarkable, for the main public cloud offers. It delivers on this old promise which we mentioned earlier: visibility and holistic management capacities across all areas of IT (on-premises, private and public clouds). This multi-cloud capacity is very interesting as it also permits to evaluate the cost associated with the usage of public clouds, like it does for internal systems. BMC still lacks partnerships with European providers, which would enable it to do this with their platforms, but the attendance of Orange’s alliance manager at the conference might indicate that they are working on this.

So this new BMC provides a new, really hybrid IT management offer, even if the number of public cloud platforms that are supported remains limited. But they now have to fight against what I was thinking before I met their CEO: they are perceived as a company that manages legacy systems, not cloud platforms, so they have to change this and localize their message. They also have to recruit and convert many more IT partners (IT services companies, local cloud providers, etc.) to achieve this, especially outside North America. Peter Leav and his marketing team will not get bored for a while!