PAC is going to evaluate the providers of SAP-related services in Germany and in Switzerland in different PAC RADAR analyses, each of which emphasizes on a different service type but also overlaps with the other service types. Depending on their focus, the providers will be positioned either in all or in selected PAC RADAR analyses.

PAC will consider services for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, as well as for SAP’s SaaS applications, SAP HANA, the SAP Cloud Platform or SAP Leonardo.

Which providers are positioned in the PAC RADAR?

Providers are selected and invited according to the following criteria:

  • Size of revenues in the segment to be analyzed in the specified region
  • “Relevance”: Even providers that do not belong to the top-selling providers in the segment to be analyzed are considered, if PAC classifies them as relevant for potential customers, for instance due to an innovative offering, strong growth, or a focus on a specific customer group (e.g. SMB).

There is no differentiation as to whether the providers are customers of PAC – neither in the selection of the providers to be positioned, nor in the actual evaluation.

What do providers have to do in order to be considered in a PAC RADAR analysis?

The decision as to which providers are considered in the PAC RADAR analysis is entirely up to PAC. Providers do not have any direct influence on this decision.

However, in the run-up to a PAC RADAR analysis, providers can make sure in an indirect way that PAC can adequately evaluate their offerings and positioning – and thus their relevance – e.g. by means of regular analyst briefings etc.

Why should providers accept the invitation to participate actively?

Whether or not a provider participates in the RADAR process does not actually affect its inclusion and positioning in the PAC RADAR, nor its assessment.

However, there are a whole host of benefits associated with active participation:

  • Participation ensures that PAC has access to the largest possible range of specific and up-to-date data as a basis for the assessment.
  • Participating providers can set out their specific competences, strengths and weaknesses as well as their strategies and visions.
  • The review process guarantees the accuracy of the assessed factors.
  • Submitting customer assessments can have a positive impact on the overall score.
  • The provider gets a neutral, comprehensive, and detailed view of its strengths and weaknesses as compared to the direct competition – related to a specific service in a local market.
  • A positioning in the PAC RADAR gives the provider prominence amongst a broad readership as one of the leading operators in the segment under consideration.

If you want your offer to be taken into account in the evaluation, please contact us.