The long and winding road that leads to Digital Transformation

As we edge towards the end of a rather bumpy 2017, what has the last 12 months really taught us? Yes, Brexit really is proving to be as creakingly difficult to execute as (almost) everyone expected. Yes, 2017 was certainly the year of rushed last-minute GDPR preparations (hint: if you don’t have a plan in place by now, January is a good time for job-hunting). And inescapably – since it featured heavily at every conference we’ve attended and almost every article we read  – 2017 was the year of Digital Transformation.

Judging from of the wall-to-wall vendor focus on Digital Transformation as a key marketing theme, you could be forgiven for thinking that there would be almost no organizations left to transform – although in fact our research tells another story.

In reality the vast majority of organisations are still working on infrastructure transformation, and over a third (38%) have only just started their journey. Another 44% have are right in the middle of their transformation programme, and still have some way to go – which means that for 82% of European organizations, digital transformation is still a work in progress.

We were able to dig into the reasons why businesses are so engaged with transformation, and somewhat surprisingly, the key factor is customer demand – so perhaps this really is (as some would put it) the age of the customer. End-customer feedback and requirements are a strong factor for almost 60% of the market, while almost 50% also see new market opportunities as a major driver.

Finally, we were surprised by the variety of solutions that organizations are willing to consider for their transformation. While public cloud, containers and microservices have taken the lion’s share of headlines and column inches, customers seem most interested in solutions that match the capabilities of public cloud, but delivered at the customers’ locations.

Infrastructure transformation is very much a live project, and in there’s still plenty of room for changes before current projects are complete. PAC looks forward to seeing how transformation initiatives continue to evolve over the course of 2018!

You can find out more how organizations are adapting their infrastructures to address this digital challenge, enabling their businesses to thrive and prosper in the new digital environment, in an executive summary of the study “Transforming your infrastructure for digital”, which also includes an overview of key findings. The executive summary can be found here