Sales & marketing support for ICT providers

Current projects Europe:*

  • Data Preparation in Business Departments
  • Customer experience in the utilities sector - From behind the curve to digital innovation
  • Advanced cyber solutions in Europe - What technologies are businesses looking at to upgrade security architectures to meet digital transformation, compliance and emerging threats?
  • Transforming your infrastructure for digital - How agile and scalable is the infrastructure of European businesses today and how are they adapting to enable digital transformation?

* For more information please contact your local sales representative.

Current projects Germany:

  • Germany is one of the focus countries in our European multi client projects. For more information and to discuss the scope of the research as well the value proposition for your company, please contact our local sales representative, Ms Karen Manzano.

Current projects France:*

  • Digital health: digital projects renewal in the Health sector
  • The connected citizen – what are the strategies of the French cities on the topic?

* For more information please contact our local sales representative, Ms Camille Marchand.

References / Published multi-client studies: