The vision of a multicloud future has been quickly embraced in vendor circles, and the idea that larger organizations will soon be (or are already) using multiple cloud services is no longer shocking. At the same time many user organisations are still struggling to move their first cloud deployment beyond pilot / PoC phase. The goal of this report is to study the expectations and “lessons learned” by existing multicloud users. The findings will provide essential reading to help the next wave of multicloud adopters succeed with their projects.

Graphic worldwide cloud spend

While public cloud is increasingly dominant, multicloud will be a reality for the foreseeable future

Key questions this study will address

Awareness and Current Approaches

  • What are user organizations’ perceptions of multicloud before and after deployment?
  • How do organizations decide upon a multicloud strategy, and who makes this decision?
  • What are typical goals and drivers of multicloud strategies, and how is success measured?

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Which challenges were anticipated, which were a surprise, and what were their impacts?
  • To what extent are organizations able to overcome these issues?
  • What are the outcomes and consequences of embracing multicloud? (efficiency, flexibility, collaboration, CX etc.)
  • How do the anticipated benefits match up to the actual outcomes?

Drivers and Inhibitors of Change

  • What are the compelling events that trigger decisions to proceed with multicloud? (organizational change, competitive pressures, changes of leadership, new project etc.)
  • What factors typically delay decisions to embrace multicloud?
  • What are the downsides of multicloud, and how can these be minimised?

Outcomes and future investments

  • Do European organizations plan to change their spending on multicloud, and if so, what is their focus?
  • What are the critical dependencies that would trigger these changes?
  • How do organizations select their partners for multicloud projects?

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