Cyber security is a top-of-mind topic and concern. PAC has put together a comprehensive offering to support vendors and end-user organizations to be cyber-aware and cyber-ready.


Multi-Client projects

Current multi-client projects

Research on software IT services

Latest SITSI® research

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Free white papers and trend studies

Free white papers and trend studies

  • The state of industrial cyber security » more
  • PAC’s European trend study: Moving beyond the GDPR » more
  • Le nouveau paradigme de la cyber securite » more
PAC blog posts

Latest blog posts

  • Holes in smart contracts - Blockchain does not release anyone from the need to be accurate » more
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CXP Group events

Events, workshops and webinars


PAC's strategic support offering to vendors in cyber security

  • Strategic planning
  • Go-to market
  • Market positioning
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Brand awareness
  • Speaking engagements
  • M&A search / target identification
  • Partner search
  • Strategic workshop

PAC's offer to end-user organizations in cyber security

  • Market assessment
  • Benchmarking of cyber software solutions and IT service propositions
  • Profiling of software vendors and IT service suppliers in cyber security
  • Review of internal cyber estate
  • Strategic planning

All-year tracking of the cyber security market trends

  • Market insights reports; see our latest report “The cyber skill shortage”, Nov 2016
  • Market sizing and forecast, across 30+ countries, including a 4-year forecast
  • Webinars focusing on cyber security

Current PAC publications on cyber security: