BI, Analytics & Data Management

BI, Analytics & Data Management

The amount of data available to an organization is growing literally exponentially. Finding the right information, understanding its quality and producing good data in a timely and cost-effective manner are all critical issues.

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Business Applications, Software and Services

Business Applications, Software &

The BAS services market more and more incorporates the major investment areas such as mobility, big data, social business and cloud. Companies rely on business applications from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft,, and others to help running their business smoothly and in an efficient way.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another milestone in ICT, just as mainframe and client/server concepts were, and reflects the shift in demand from a changing economy to a globalized, flexible and network-oriented ecosystem. Today we
are closer to the, admittedly not new, notion
of “IT on tap” than ever before.

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Cybersecurity is a top of mind topic and
concern and PAC has put together a comprehensive offering together to support vendors and end-user organisations to be cyber-aware and cyber-ready.

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Digital enterprise & IoT

Digital Enterprise & IoT

Digital transformation is not only a new buzzword – it is a vital necessity for companies in all industries to fundamentally rethink their business models, technology strategies and organizational structures.

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