Digital transformation is no longer something that happens mainly in the context of customer experience; instead, digital transformation has become a vital necessity for companies in all industries to fundamentally rethink their business models, technology strategies and organizational structures – the silo thinking and structuring by department needs to be broken down and transformed into a cross-functional approach. In most digital transformation programs, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the disruptive force. But of course, IoT is not a single technology; it rather reflects a new way of thinking, enabled due to various new or evolving technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence & cognitive analytics, M2M connectivity and, of course, new kinds of requirements in cyber security.

As we at CXP Group have seen that in most cases IoT and digital customer experience can no longer be viewed separately, we decided to combine our two research clusters (digital enterprise & IoT) into one comprehensive research & consulting practice.

As part of the merging process of our two research teams, we implemented several changes and advancements to form a new and extensive research program, which now covers a much bigger number of contexts.

The following chart provides an overview of the overall research contexts and areas covered by them.

Overview of the overall research contexts and areas
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Multi-Client projects

Current multi-client projects

  • IoT for predictive maintenance: What are European companies planning to do? (EU; contact: Matthieu Page)
  • Transforming your infrastructure for Digital - How agile and scalable is the infrastructure of European businesses today and how are they adapting to enable digital transformation? (EU; contact: Matthieu Page)
  • Les innovations numériques qui vont changer le monde de l’assurance à l’horizon 2020 (France; contact: Camille Marchand)
  • L’entreprise plateforme, au cœur du monde digital (France; contact: Camille Marchand)
Research on software and IT services

Latest SITSI® research

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Banking: Towards Fewer but Augmented Bankers - InSight Analysis - Worldwide » more
  • Internet of Things - Vendor Rankings - Worldwide » more
Free white papers and trend studies

Free white papers and trend studies

  • Die digitalen Trends 2018: Wenn Daten ihren geschäftlichen Wert entfalten
    » more
  • IoT-Datenanalyse als Erfolgsfaktor für Industrie 4.0 » more
  • Comment les entreprises européennes peuvent-elles tirer parti de l’IoT ?
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PAC blog posts

Latest blog posts

  • CoSMoS – Conference on Smart Mobility Services » more

  • Mobile World Congress 2018 : les écosystèmes à la pointe de l'innovation
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  • European transport industry bets on IoT and AI » more
CXP Group events

Events, workshops and webinars


The digital transformation approach, the positioning of the customer at the heart of companies’ activities as well as the new technological possibilities based on IoT are moving IT to the center of companies' business strategies and are transforming existing business models.

Companies have to contemplate in which areas and product categories they need to change from a product company into a service provider. Data-enabled business models are opening up new dimensions of doing business, but at the same time are changing the positioning of a company within the current landscape of competitors.

IoT is the real disruptive factor and has taken digital transformation to the next level.

The new solutions (products and services) companies are developing will only translate into success if all business areas from product development over production, logistics, sales, marketing and services up to the top management work hand in hand and across units.

Digital transformation takes place everywhere: on the product & production level, in customer interaction and, of course, on the workspace side. CXP focuses on all these areas and helps end user companies and providers manage their individual opportunities and challenges, through meaningful research and custom-specific advisory services.

Coverage of CXP’s digital enterprise & IoT research:

CXP's digital enterprise & IoT research

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CXP’s strategy support for digital solution and service providers

  • Competitive analysis and market positioning
  • Portfolio & go-to-market strategy
  • Content-based marketing (white papers, trend studies, positioning papers)
  • Speaking engagements
  • M&A, target identification, partner search and technology scouting
  • Strategy workshop: 'Digital Transformation for IT Service Providers'