The rise of big data, driven by social and mobile computing, together with new analytics techniques and technologies such as in-memory computing and NoSQL, mean that information management has never been more relevant for ICT leaders, service providers and implementers.


Multi-Client projects

Current multi-client projects

  • Data Science in business: Unattainable utopia or imminent reality? (DACH, contact: Karen Manzano)
  • Data Integration Multi Cloud 2017 - Maturité et niveau d’adoption des entreprises françaises (France, contact: Camille Marchand)
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Free white papers and trend studies

Free white papers and trend studies

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  • Currently no webinars on BI, analytics and data management are scheduled.

The amount of data available to an organization is growing literally exponentially. Finding the right information, understanding its quality and producing good data in a timely and cost-effective manner are all critical issues.

In all of these business challenges, information management (IM) as well as analytics techniques and technologies play a key role. IM is currently one of the fastest growing segments of ICT, driven by the surge of interest in big data technologies and techniques.

Operational, transactional applications can be said to be a “known problem.” While the delivery mechanisms and platforms may change, most organizations’ use of their ERP systems is stable.

The focus has shifted – to the front office, to organizational boundaries, and above toward seeing how IT can actually add value, not just reduce costs: by improving decision making, raising revenues through better marketing, customer targeting, building loyalty and predicting customer trends and directions. There is also a new imperative to put more power in the hands of the user – moving from reporting to interactive discovery.

PAC has studied and analyzed this market for years, and provides research documents and consulting services to IT suppliers as well as end users. We are proud to announce that, as a result of our merger with the CXP group, PAC analysts & consultants now work together with the BARC team. BARC publishes the biggest end-user survey on BI Software:


PAC's strategic support offering to vendors in the BI, analytics/big data & data management business

  • Strategic planning
  • Grow your top line – prospect identification
  • Go-to market
  • Market positioning
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Brand awareness (white papers, Q&As, specific market studies, etc.)
  • Speaking engagements
  • M&A search / target identification
  • Partner search
  • Strategic workshop (with PAC & BARC experts; cf.

PAC's support for end-users in BI, analytics/big data & data management

  • Market assessment
  • Profiling of software vendors and IT services suppliers
  • Review of internal applications estate
  • Strategic planning

All-year tracking of the BI, analytics/big data & data management market trends

  • Market insights reports; cf. our recent reports on Predictive Analytics and SAP Business Analytics
  • Market sizing and forecast, across 30+ countries including a 4-year forecast
  • Vendor rankings in selected countries, for both BI & data management, and big data, regarding ISVs as well as services suppliers