Trends and Predictions for 2018 As business transforms, security professionals must adapt to the challenges of the end of IT borders, stricter regulatory compliance, and user-based computing. Meanwhile cyber-crime continues to increase around the world. Ransomware and denial of service attacks can have a devastating impact on business continuity. How can vendors and end users respond to the increased risk of a cyber-attack or data breach that results in fines and damage to the brand?

Find out more on these risks and challenges from CXPs leading security compliance and risk analysts and their market predictions for the year ahead. We give you a summary of unique insights, and share our research plans for next year. Our analysts discuss long-term and short-term trends on:

  • How the market is addressing Cloud security issues
  • The challenges of Application security in the age of API’s, Agility and DevOps
  • How digital identity becomes the cornerstone of customer-centric architectures
  • How companies and vendors are dealing with NIS and GDPR, and the evermore complex regulatory frameworks
  • How the CXP Group can help you

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