IoT comes with several flavors like Industrial Internet (Indudstry 4.0), Smart Energy, Smart home and connected car, only to mention some. Every one of these IoT segments has the power to change industries fundamentally. New business models, business process and competitors will arise. At the same time traditonal, long established ecosytem will be vanished: Former business partners could become competitors, innovation partner, client and supplier at the same time depending on different IoT segments.

This Webinar provides insights to following topics:

  • Selected IoT-related figures from PACs SITSI Database
  • The adoption level of the different IoT Segments across Europe.
  • How Business models and Processes change due to IoT?
  • New revenue streams from IoT related business models
  • The product servitization due to IoT
  • Selected case studies from PACs Innovation Register: What companies have already realized in IoT

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