PAC Workshops: Strategies and Success Factors for Digital Transformation

The massive pervasion of digital technologies is currently shaking up business models, value chains and ecosystems in almost all industries. It is forcing companies to fundamentally re-think their business strategies and organizational structures. This digital transformation is going far beyond a few individual digital projects in marketing or customer service. Companies that would like to be fit for the future in the digital age must consistently implement customer-centric business strategies; they must recognize the intelligent use of data as essential competitive advantage for themselves; and they must establish a new culture of management and collaboration, in which innovation can thrive and be realized. 

With three new workshops, PAC supports CEOs, IT managers as well as sales and marketing decision-makers in designing workable strategies for digital transformation. The goal of our workshops is to analyze the major opportunities and challenges of digital transformation for your enterprise, to identify relevant fields of action, and to determine priorities for their implementation.

In the following, we would like to give you some details:

1. Half-day basic workshop
(Strategies and success factors for the digital transformation of enterprises)

  • Drivers and implications of digitization
  • Requirements for enterprises
  • Strategies and starting points for digital transformation
  • Success factors and best practices
  • Opportunities and risks for your enterprise


2. Status quo analysis & one-day workshop
(Digital transformation as an opportunity for your enterprise – identify fields of action and prioritize)

This workshop helps decision-makers to identify the major success factors for their companies in digital transformation amidst the variety of necessary changes, and to set corresponding priorities.

Preparation: Digital status quo in your company

  • Structured review of the “digital readiness” of your company
  • Online survey and qualitative preliminary discussions with key stakeholders
  • Gap analysis: discovering weaknesses

Digital transformation workshop: Contents

a) The digital age: Oportunities and challenges

  • Drivers and implications of digitization
  • Requirements for enterprises
  • Strategies and starting points for digital transformation
  • Success factors and best practices

b) Results of the status quo analysis of your enterprise

  • Customer centricity
  • Data intelligence
  • Capacity for innovation
  • Technology strategy
  • Management and collaboration culture

c) Recognizing digital transformation as an opportunity

  • Opportunities and potentials for your enterprise
  • Risks of a “wait-and-see” strategy

d) Relevant fields of action for your enterprise

  • Deriving and prioritizing fields of action
  • Starting points and measures for the digital transformation of your company

Wrap-up: Systematic wrap-up of workshop results

  • Status quo and gap analysis
  • Fields of action and priorities
  • Opportunities in digital transformation for your enterprise


3. One-day deep-dive workshop
(Organize digital transformation successfully – starting points for the concrete implementation in your enterprise)

In this workshop we are going to introduce various approaches and methods to successfully carry out digital transformation, and we are going to discuss their applicability to your enterprise. We are going to elaborate and prioritize concrete courses of action. Finally, we are going to process the results in a strategy paper with a package of concrete measures and individual recommendations for your enterprise.


Customer centricity: Realize consistent customer orientation within the company

  • Design thinking, lean start-up, co-creation & co.
  • Customer experience management, new responsibilities
  • Customer-oriented culture of collaboration

Data intelligence: How you can make intelligent use of data

  • Data-based business control
  • Data-based business models
  • Analytics as a basis for customer centricity

Capacity for innovation: Harmonize vision and reality

  • Culture of innovation and incentive systems
  • Innovation methods and innovation management
  • Business model innovation

Technology strategy: The IT as enabler and innovation driver

  • The new role(s) of IT
  • Flexibility and agility in IT
  • IT-based working environments
  • Digitization of processes

Management and collaboration culture: basis for change

  • Digital strategy as management task
  • Leadership in the digital age
  • Successfully realize social collaboration

Structuring and prioritizing the package of measures

Wrap-up: Strategy paper with package of measures and recommendations

Based on the workshop results, we are going to elaborate a concrete package of measures with individual recommendations for the digital transformation of your company.


We would be happy to explain these workshops to you in more detail! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Stephan Kaiser
Member of the PAC Group Executive Committee & Partner 

Nicole Dufft
Independent Vice President – Digital Enterprise
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