The SAP Services InBrief Analysis reports provide local analysis of the SAP services markets in 20+ countries. The comprehensive and coherent information - easy to retrieve thanks to a dashboard-like presentation - covers SAP services market maturity and status, local characteristics, SAP's positioning, and the competitive situation for each country.

Table of contents
PAC’s Comment
Country Profile
National Economy vs. SITS Market
IT Maturity KPIs (country comparison)
Characteristics of SAP Services Market
Market Segmentation (SAP Services Market)
Growth Rates Forecast (SAP Services Market)
Local Industry Profile of SAP Services
Top Local Accounts
SAP Services Maturity KPIs (country comparison)
Medium-term Trends
Major Trend Topics in the Netherlands
Local SAP Services Market: PAC’s Opinion
Provider Landscape
Major SAP Services Providers in the Netherlands
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