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The SITSI® Research Platform

Local Software and IT Services Market Expertise on a Global Scale

SITSI® stands for Software and IT Services Industry and is the umbrella brand for all off-the-shelf studies published by market research and strategic consulting firm Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). Since its launch in 1992, SITSI® Research has evolved into a unique and comprehensive online research source on local markets and their respective players across the globe - the SITSI® Research Platform.

SITSI® provides data, analyses and recommendations to enable you to better understand the changes in your environment, seize opportunities, formulate crucial business strategies and make the right investment decisions. Comprising more than 2,000 documents, SITSI® Research is organized around two pillars:

  • Market Analysis
  • Vendor Analysis

Both are analyzed by geography, by vertical industry sectors, by software & IT services and by horizontal offerings & hot topics.

SITSI Research Platform - The centralized knowledge pool of all PAC standard analyses

SITSI® provides detailed market figures, reports, vendor profiles and rankings for 35+ countries and regions - covering 93 percent of the worldwide IT spending.

Detailed market data - worldwide

SITSI® Key Research Clusters

SITSI Key Research Clusters

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Every journey needs direction - being successful in your business is all about knowing your markets, pursuing the right strategies, and taking the right business decisions.



Over 95% of our customers renew their SITSI® access every year.


Business Benefits for SITSI® Users

Benefits for SITSI users

Why Hundreds of Organizations Have Chosen SITSI®

Trusted, accessible and actionable market insight for everyone in your organization:

  • Sharp analysis and data accuracy based on unparalleled expertise of the European software and IT services market, built from bottom-up research and analysis in over 35 countries, over 20 horizontal topics/ market segments and 9 vertical industries.
  • Consistent analysis and recommendation, as all your colleagues use the same PAC data sources to build plans, shape and agree on decisions across geographies and across the organization.
  • Scalable enterprise-wide unlimited access to data and reports: truly open access no “per-seat” or “per-download” pricing.
  • User-friendly online portal allowing for single self-service online access to all the data and reports purchased across the company no double-booking.
  • Collaborative approach with a partner leveraging a distinguished research and consulting track record, going back over 35 years. PAC goes beyond supplying high-quality market information and finds answers to the “so what?” question.

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Methodology & Segmentation

Our methodology and segmentation allow us to produce reports that are highly regarded for both their detail and their critical reviews of the leading software and IT services companies.

The SITSI® Research Methodology


» description methodology (pdf)

In-depth analysis of local markets is at the heart of our research and results in the PAC Reference Model. This detailed, multidimensional analysis drives our unique bottom-up approach, enabling us to provide a granular and reliable global market view.


SITSI Research Methodology

Thousands of mostly face-to-face interviews with decision makers from both IT users and IT suppliers, complemented by more than a hundred surveys each year and an efficient research organization, build the basis of our knowledge.

Through a tried-and-tested recurring process of bottom-up and top-down assessment and validation, supported by both our knowledge management database and regular dialog and workshops among our global team of analysts, we make sure we leverage the comprehensive knowledge built from all our projects and reports.


PAC's Market Segmentation


» detailed document segmentation (pdf)
» detailed document vertical sectors (excel)

Each research project we undertake - including custom projects - refers to our market segmentation with a high level of granularity. Based on market developments, we update our segmentation every year.

Market Segmentation




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