Tracking the evolution of Multicloud

In Service Provider and Vendor circles, multicloud is already a done deal.  Everyone has already embraced the view that, very soon (and sometimes already today), organizations will be using multiple different cloud services – perhaps as many as five or ten.

Tell anyone working in a global cloud business that “the future is multicloud” and the reactions are likely to range from a blunt “No Kidding Sherlock!*” to a gentler “…as we were predicting back in 2013…”

This view originates from tracking Enterprise cloud adoption patterns, which some years ago showed that for the largest organizations (a) cloud actually WILL be the future, not just of IT infrastructure, but probably of IT in general, and (b) in cloud as in traditional IT, differing workloads called for different solutions -in terms of reliability, security, performance, cost etc.

This has already led many larger organizations to move away from a rigid single-cloud policy, and instead adopt a “best tool for the job” approach.  This helps the CIO bring shadow IT clouds back under governance, avoids conversations about “which is the best cloud?”, and puts the CIO among the multicloud elite. It also allows a more nuanced approach to cloud adoption, as well as avoiding over-dependency on a single technology or provider. The inevitability of a multicloud future is now acknowledged by even the most arrogant vendors – even those that very recently liked to pretend that that their services were best for all workloads and applications, in all circumstances…

This multicloud pattern of adoption is currently mainstream among the very largest organizations, but still relatively scarce among smaller users. That’s only to be expected, when even today, many large national organizations are still struggling to make a success of their first cloud deployments. In due course however, the benefits of a multicloud approach will filter down to much smaller organizations, many of whom can also benefit from using the “best tool for the job”.

How to succeed with multicloud will be key question in IT over the next few years, and is a topic of intense interest to PAC’s customers. We will be digging into this in more depth in coming months, looking both at how users make a successful move to a multicloud future, and how established users get maximum benefits from their multicloud solutions.

Watch this space!




*other versions also exist…