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Frédéric Munch

Frédéric Munch has been CEO of the PAC Group since December 2011.

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Frédéric has been working in the Software and IT Services industry for 20 years. After a first position at Alcatel as marketing manager, he joined the German subsidiary of PAC in 1996 as a consultant. Frédéric has held a variety of responsibilities at PAC, becoming CFO & COO of the group in 2001. Before becoming CEO of PAC Group in December 2011, he took over the management of the German subsidiary early 2009, a position in which he led the company through a phase of strong growth.

The merger with Le CXP and BARC (Business Application Research Center) to form CXP Group in June 2014 was successfully initiated by Frédéric Munch and Laurent Calot, President of Le CXP. 

Frédéric is now board member of CXP Group and leads the Business Unit covering all Digital Business Services topics. He brings with him a rich experience with the PAC Group and an in-depth knowledge of the IT markets and its players in Europe.

Executive Vice President
Digital Business Services BU


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Frederic Munch
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