The Changing Face of IT Services in 2017

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Digital Transformation has changed the face of IT Services - and it will continue to do so at an accelerated speed. Providers that are not able to adapt quickly will ultimately struggle to win strategic transformational projects in the future.
This webinar looks at the 7 key characteristics that IT service providers will have to cultivate in 2017 in order to remain relevant for their customers’ digital journey:

  • Co-innovative: thinking and working in ecosystems
  • Experimental: trying, failing, learning
  • Design-centric: creating experiences from the customers’ perspective
  • Artificially intelligent: utilizing cognitive computing power
  • Holistic: overcoming silo-thinking and working in multidisciplinary teams
  • Fast & agile: dealing with exponential change
  • People-focussed: providing the cultural preconditions for agility and continuous innovation